Miss Bee Turns One

It is such a joy to celebrate birthdays and especially the very first birthday of a little person.
Miss Bee turned one this week (January tenth) and of course we had to celebrate with smash cakes, goodies and a visit from our friend Jodi for professional pictures. (Will try to share a few, but unfortunately we still need to leave no Internet footprint for the safety of Miss Bee.)
We invited our family and friends over to join in the celebration and watch as Miss Bee enjoyed her first tasting of something super sweet; frosting. 
One tradition that will now become a yearly part of this one's birthday celebrations is Baylee's Chocolate Mousse. Yep, her namesake will take shape into yummy adult only treats given to all those who suffer through boring birthday parties where the kids will never remember details besides through pictures. Thanks Pinterest for the recipe. 
But, to be serious for a moment, celebrating this life is a real joy for us. It's almost a year that we've been caring for Miss Bee and so much life, relationship and attachment has happened in those 365 days. Thank you to all our family and friends for loving Miss Bee and being willing to open your heart to her big, blue-eyed smiles and sweetness factor. 

One Year Accomplishments:
Walked by 9.5 months
Signs more & all done, starting to do milk
Can give High Fives
Claps, tickles her own toes & waves goodbye, sometimes blows a sideways kiss too
Knows her cow, duck and kitty animal noises; working on a hilarious neigh
Loves her baths (she actually flipped herself fully dressed into the tub right before church because she couldn't stand not being in there with her big sister Myriam.)
Loves books, music, cows, ducks, her siblings and going for walks. 
Foxy and her soft blanket are the lovey's by choice. Don't leave home without them. 
Wears size 24 month or 2T, size 6 in shoes
Favorite Food: string cheese
Words Spoken:
Duck...and a few more that only those of us around her daily can understand. 

Happy Birthday Miss Bee! You are one loved little girl. 

 { Miss Bee has a love for cows and farm animals. }

 { This will become an annual treat and Miss Bee can enjoy when she's 21. }

 { Smash Cake. }


{ Next stop: bath tub. }

From Our Family to Yours...

Looks Guilty

Mommy: Myriam, what are you eating? Did you eat chocolate?
Myriam: (with chocolate smudges in the corner of her mouth) No.
Mommy: Are you sure you're telling me the truth?
Myriam: (shakes her head yes)
Mommy: I won't be mad if you tell me the truth but if you lie to me I'll be very upset.
Myriam: I didn't do anything.

She then turns around and starts to walk away from me 

I only needed to say "Myriam" and she redirected her steps to the wall sit without me even asking. 
Looks guilty. Tastes guilty. Found guilty.

10 Things About Our Weekend

This is what happens when the weekend was supposed to look one way, then 
the sick kids changed the itinerary.
It began early Thursday morning with the littlest princess blessing mommy down the front of her followed with another crowned one Friday night and into Saturday morning with the oldest royalty. The prince has managed to keep from catching this bug, but at this rate things may 
change by the time I publish this post. 
Mommy and Daddy tag-teamed the clean-up and demands of those not feeling very well, but it left us no time to prep for a planned family party on Sunday. 
If you come to our front door the remnants of blasted diapers will greet you and the piles of sheets, towels and blankets will be found around the corner that need to be folded after washing. 

{ Get well wishes to the guy on the other side of the curtain who had a chainsaw kick back at him. You'll have a great battle wound story. Thanks for not complaining about the crying babe. }

{ Our kids love Lucy. }

We did end up taking the littlest princess to the doctor followed by the ER as her tummy was not keeping fluids to stay put resulting in dehydration. Thankfully, our stay was two hours to the 'T' from checking in and heading home. Nothing like a Popsicle to make a little one feel better...and anti-nausea medication.
As for the family spud feed and party...well, plan B was put into action and we made sure no one came near. Thanks Aunt Betty for opening your doors for the last minute shin-dig. 
Wash your hands, cover your coughs, drink your water and pray yourself healthy. 

{ There are some, well many, things that are broken in the foster system, but then organizations surprise you with packages for those in your care. Even comes with a cute little sized helmet too. It was a bright spot this weekend to see this at the front door. }

{ Mom & Dad's fuel for the weekend. Sadly, this is the last of three layers of chocolates. }

{ From chapped hands, lips, cheeks and feet. Love this stuff. }

{ Recovery. }

{ So much laundry. }

{ Miss my Grandma this season especially when her snowman family greet us every morning. }

UPDATE: The Prince has tanked. I repeat, the Prince has been taken down.

His Heart is Overseas

No matter how many times Tim travels to Cambodia, it's always these images that break me as a human, a mother and someone with a huge heart. This girl speaks so many things even though not a word was spoken. Her eyes tell stories; her location gives way to her reality. She doesn't know any different; may never get the chance to see past her village walls. 
And yet, what you do see is joy; contentment; family. 
It is in almost everyone you meet that shares this hospitality and love. 
The purpose of this trip was to support New Life Church in hosting another marriage conference with speakers, Hans & Star Molegraaf, from Marriage Revolution. Last fall Hans flew with Tim and I, fell in love with the people and was quick to say yes to another conference. Before this conference, there was a little bit of getting a lay of the land as both Star and Erik Vanderpol, employee and friend of Tim's, had never been to this side of God's creation. 

Just Laugh Mom

Sunday afternoon Tim and I hosted a simple Christmas dinner for the YWAM staff here at home. To make life easier, my parents took the younger girls and requested an overnight sleepover. 
Sure. Sounds innocent. 
Yeah, not so much. 
Our guests left and I quickly checked my phone to see how the little ladies were doing. I believe my initial response was something like, "OH NO!" I think Tim thought something much more terrible had happened. 
"I only left her for a minute," said Mom with tears. 
I'm not sure who or what she was more afraid of; my response or how it would be fixed.
There is no recovering from something like this. 
Let me reminded you all too, this is the third offense with the scissors. 
I quickly called Mom and hearing the terror in her voice, I reminded her to laugh because in the process of this horrific act being committed, no one was 
sliced or diced with the craft scissors and somehow it will grow back. 
In Myriam's defense, she was trying to look like Nana which she accomplished quite well. 

November Recap

Highlights of the month:
Our Election Party
Thanksgiving at Papa & Nana's
Afternoon's with friends
Issac's (Charlie's friend from Mp3) & Talan's (cousin) Birthday Party
Perch & Play fun date
Holiday Starbucks Drink menu
Painting Addison's room - little girl to tween
Kids surprisingly getting along really well! Success!

We decided to turn the mayhem of the election into a little family party which led to some history lessons and education on the process. The girls helped make the star cookies as I worked on getting the jello to set. We went for the all American blue and white theme for dinner having little smokies (a step up from hot dogs), potato salad and fruit kabobs along with sweet treats and red vines symbolizing our country needing to stand together no matter what the outcome. The kids really enjoyed watching the news as many questions were asked and the opportunity to explain in a healthy way laid before us. As like many of you, we started to fall asleep and didn't make it all night. The big announcement was a delayed replay with the kids by our sides watching speeches and quite frankly, laughing hysterically at Trump's son who clearly should have gone to bed himself. Poor kid was yawning, shaking himself awake and doing head bobs.